A day with your Baby Annabell

Some great adventures await you

Getting up

Good morning little Baby Annabell! Did you sleep well?

In the morning Little Annabell can cuddle up in the little sleep set, discover the world and plan the day. Depending on the activity, the little knit dress or the little play outfit will be her pick of the day.

Let's start with breakfast

A bottle in the morning is a perfect start into the day.

Annabell sucks eagerly on her bottle. Is she so thirsty or just impatient to start playing immediately? Do not forget to burp after drinking!

Mini Club
Off to the Mini Club!

Meeting friends, playing and doing handicrafts – a perfect morning.

Off to the Mini Club in the comfort seat with wheels. Alexander loves to play with his friends there and Annabell makes colourful flowers that match her chic floral dress. And mom and dad even get a hot chocolate there.

Hmmm... lunch

Baby Annabell’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger. What’s for lunch today?

Thanks to the table feeding chair, the little sweety tooth can sit right next to her family and watch everything closely. Just fix the seat to the table with the screws and the little one is right in the middle of the action.

Time to take a nap

Annabell, you are already closing your eyes. It’s time for a nap.

The cuddly Baby Annabell Heartbeat for babies with steady heartbeat and gentle breathing sound accompanies little sleepy heads into the land of dreams. The 20-minute sound is the perfect support for falling asleep.

It’s Playtime!

Playing is so much fun! Baby Annabell loves to play with her sibblings.

Sophia has beautiful long hair, that Baby Annabell brushes and combs enthusiastically again and again. Sophia is super patient and does not complain over, when Alexander tugs on one of her strands. And you can also cuddle with her.

Taking a stroll

The sun is shining, let's go outside. Need a bit of fresh air little Baby Annabell?

Baby Annabell can be very close to mom or dad and discover the world in the practical cocoon carrier. The little one can be carried with the view to the front or the other way round for cuddling. The cocoon carrier can also be worn on the back, so that the doll parents have their hands free and can hold on to the railing.

Good night

Sweet dreams, little Baby Annabell.

Baby Annabell listens to bedtime stories in her nightrobe before going to bed. Then she lays down in the bed with nightlight and lullaby in her sleeping bag with glow-in-the-dark effect. The cute Sweet Dreams accessories guarantee a baby doll’s sweet dreams.

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