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A day with your Baby Annabell

Some great adventures await you

Getting up

Good morning, little Baby Annabell! Did you sleep well?

In the morning Little Annabell can cuddle up in the little sleep set, discover the world and plan the day. Depending on the activity, the little knit dress or the little play outfit will be her pick of the day.

Let's start with breakfast

A bottle in the morning is a perfect start into the day.

Annabell sucks eagerly on her bottle. Is she so thirsty or just impatient to start playing immediately? Do not forget to burp after drinking!

Mini Club
Off to the Mini Club!

Meeting friends, playing and doing handicrafts – a perfect morning.

At the mini club Annabell loves to play with the cuddly Sweetie and the cute My First Annabell. Alexander is into arts and crafts and builds ships made of wooden sticks. As a sail he always takes the bib from the Little Feeding Set.

Hmmm... lunch

Annabell is quite picky about the food.

Which porridge, which dessert and which drink will she like best today? The lunch time table with light and sound effects helps us to find out. “Uhg!” Oh well, no carrot porridge today…

Time to take a nap

Annabell, you are already closing your eyes. It’s time for a nap.

The cuddly Baby Annabell Heartbeat for babies with steady heartbeat and gentle breathing sound accompanies little sleepy heads into the land of dreams. The 20-minute sound is the perfect support for falling asleep.

It’s Playtime!

Playing is so much fun! Baby Annabell loves to play with her sibblings.

Sophia has beautiful long hair, that Baby Annabell brushes and combs enthusiastically again and again. Sophia is super patient and does not complain over, when Alexander tugs on one of her strands. And you can also cuddle with her.

At the Hospital

Annabell had a very high fever and has to stay at the doll hospital for a few days.

The paediatrist examined her with a scanner and gave her some medicine. She is already feeling much better now. Alexander’s visit, who tests all the medical equipment, helps even better with the recovery.

Good night

Sweet dreams, little Mia.

Mia sometimes tries to postpone going to bed. She always wants to drink a bottle of water. Then she puts the dummy into her mouth and as soon as you lay her down, she closes her eyes.

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