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A day with your Baby Annabell®

Some great adventures await you

Getting up

Good morning little Baby Annabell®! Did you sleep well?

The cosy bedroom is a wonderful place to sleep. From the outside it is designed like a real house and when you open both sides, you find a generous bedroom furnished with a wardrobe, a bed, a mirror, various compartments and many lovely details.

Let's start with breakfast

A bottle in the morning is a perfect start into the day.

Baby Annabell® Alexander sucks eagerly on his bottle. Is he so thirsty or just eager to start playing immediately? Do not forget to burp after drinking!

Baby care
Oh dear, Milly is crying...

Her cheeks are red as well. What’s her problem?

Aha, her stomach is grumbling and she has to go to the potty quickly. Maybe she drank her milk too fast? After some medicine, she gets better quickly and she can play with her baby walker.

Hmmm... lunch

Baby Annabell®’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger. What’s for lunch today?

Thanks to the table feeding chair, the little sweety tooth can sit right next to her family and watch everything closely. Just fix the seat to the table with the screws and the little one is right in the middle of the action.

Time to take a nap

Annabell, you are already closing your eyes. It’s time for a nap.

Little children like to postpone going to sleep, because there is still so much to discover. Falling asleep is so much easier with Baby Annabell®’s rocker. Simply push it and the cloudy bed swings from side to side on its own and rocks the dreamer gently to sleep.

It’s Playtime!

Playing is so much fun! Baby Annabell® loves to play dress up.

She almost crawls into the dress up chest to mix and match the best costume. What is she going to be today? Royal cat, starlet fairy, birthday child, rose princess or a reindeer?

Taking a stroll

The sun is shining, let's go outside. Need a bit of fresh air little Baby Annabell®?

With this practical travel seat going for a stroll is super exciting. Alexander likes to be pulled through the area and observes everything intensively. During the break her an rest in his seat on the park bench. And when he is tired, he can sleep confortablly while being carried around.

Good night

Sweet dreams, little Baby Annabell®.

Good sleep is guaranteed with these dreamlike accessories: a heavenly bed, a dreamy sleeping dress with slippers, cuddly sleeping pyjamas, a sleeping bag which shines like the moon light and a useful 2-in-1 unit.

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