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Baby Annabell Travel Comfort Seat with Wheels

This great travel seat is a true all-rounder, as it fulfils three functions at once. Baby Annabell can stay comfortably in it and be carried around by the handle. While being carried around, she can count the cute white polka dots on the fabric or play with the sunny pendant. If all the carrying gets too heavy, you can flip the handle upwards as needed and roll the travel seat comfortably beside you. Thanks to the strap system, Baby Annabell is always safe on her travels. A little rest on the park bench at the playground? No problem, that’s where function number three comes in: in an upright position, the travel seat acts as a seat and allows Baby Annabell to observe her surroundings.

• Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll
• The premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new options and stimuli for play

Baby Annabell Travel Comfort Seat with Wheels.

Item-No.: 700709
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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