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Baby Annabell Hospital

Oh no, Baby Annabell’s cheeks are all red and her forehead is hot. She’s burning up! What's the matter with her? Best consult the doctor at the hospital to find out.

In seconds, the hospital is set up and the hospital bed and bedding are pulled out. Baby Annabell’s belongings can be stored in a storage net on a hook. Then the check-up can begin. Baby Annabell needs to be examined closely with the stethoscope, fever thermometer and ear examination light. Hmm, it’s not as bad as it seems. She certainly doesn’t need one of the two bandages, but perhaps a plaster to cheer her up. An injection isn’t necessary either. The doctor writes down a few notes in the patient file and then Baby Annabell can go home again. After the visit, the hospital can be folded up and stored without taking up a lot of space.

•    Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll
•    The premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new possibilities and stimuli for play

Baby Annabell Hospital with 1 storage net, bed and bedding. Includes fever thermometer, stethoscope, ear examination light, syringe, plaster, 2 bandages, medicine box, patient file and doctor name tag.

Item-No.: 702093
Safety tested

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