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Baby Annabell 36cm 3/4

Baby Annabell Little Annabell + Dress 36cm

Baby Annabell’s outfits are decorated with the finest of roses. The happily smiling little doll with sleeping eyes comes with two outfits right away. For children’s theatre or granny’s birthday, she has the layered-look dress with the cute “teatime with the sheep family” print and skirt with extra tulle. There are also sandals with pink ribbons to match. For cosy hours of cuddling at home or for a sleepover party with friends from nursery, she has a cosy and comfortable romper. The easy fit style also offers rosy prospects, as the clothes are designed to be put on and taken off easily even by the smallest of hands. The hood protects the doll’s little head. A perfect starter set for little doll parents.

• Baby Annabell branded doll
• The small “beginner’s model” (36 cm) features a soft doll body
• With sleeping eyes
• With easy fit style
• Encourages children from the age of one to engage in (role) play and provides initial stimuli for developing a sense of empathy and responsibility

Baby Annabell Little Annabell + Outfit 36cm with sleeping eyes. Includes dress, romper, hood and sandals.

Item-No.: 702109
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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