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Baby Annabell 36cm 1/4

Baby Annabell Little Romper 36cm

As the name suggests, the romper provides ample room for romping around. But the blue and pink romper with feet is also ideal to relax and snooze. The two overalls in cosy velour fabric in the easy fit style can be put on and taken off easily even by the smallest of hands. This leaves plenty of time to play and chill out. The printed sheep makes you want to jump or look up at the sky to count all the colours of the rainbow.

• Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll
• With easy fit style
• Playing with a doll and accessories encourages children from the age of one to engage in (role) play and provides initial stimuli for developing a sense of empathy and responsibility

Baby Annabell Little Romper 36cm in two different designs. Including clothes hangers.

Item-No.: 702420
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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