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Baby Annabell 36cm 2/4

Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm

“Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother Alex?” The cute little boy doll with brown eyes is just a little sleepy head. However, as much as he likes closing his eyes when he is laid on his back and then dozing off, he also enjoys discovering his surroundings once he is awake. And there’s quite a lot still to discover. First of all, he’s fascinated by his blue romper with the easy fit style designed to be put on and taken off easily even by the smallest of hands. The two “sheep on the rocking horse“ prints are his favourite motifs. The matching hat can be pulled over his eyes again and again to play peekaboo. Playing a lot makes you thirsty, of course, and that’s why Alexander takes his white bottle along. So, it’s all been drunk. After playfully drinking, it’s then time to take another nap, of course.

• Baby Annabell branded doll
• The small “beginner’s version” (36 cm) with soft doll body.
• With sleeping eyes
• Gently encourages children from the age of one to engage in (role) play and provides initial stimuli for developing a sense of empathy and responsibility.

Baby Annabell Little Alexander 36cm with sleeping eyes with romper and little hat. Including bottle.

Item-No.: 702567
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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