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Baby Annabell 43cm 4/4

Baby Annabell Sophia so Soft 43cm

Baby Annabell’s sister Sophia is a smiley and friendly doll with beautiful golden blond hair who’s always in a good mood. Sophia is always extremely patient when it comes to plaiting and hairstyling, but that is no wonder, with the pink brush running through her long hair so smoothly. Thanks to the matching headband, her soft tresses can be constantly conjured into new styles. She looks really playful in her dress with the funny polka dots sleeves, the pink leggings and the pink trainers. After playing, cuddling is the favourite activity of the cute doll with the soft body.

• Baby Annabell Sophia so Soft branded doll with cuddly soft filled body.
• For cuddling, playing and taking everywhere.
• Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy.

Baby Annabell Sophia so Soft 43cm with dress, leggings and shoes. Including hairband and brush.

Item-No.: 700648
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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