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Baby Annabell Deluxe Set Knit 43cm

"This fashionable knitwear draws everyone’s attention to Baby Annabell. The top of the long-sleeved dress uses delicate stitching and is linked to a flowing organza skirt. You can spend hours making her fly just to watch her beautiful skirt hover in the air. Underneath she wears pink knickers, and of course her head is kept nice and warm with a matching hat. Baby Annabell’s favourite sheep is smiling happily at the rose appliqué and looking forward to the next flying lesson. Between rounds, don’t forget to take a close look at the elegant shoes with crown closures and rose straps.

• Original clothing/accessories for the Baby Annabell branded doll
• The premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new possibilities and stimuli for play

Baby Annabell Deluxe Starter Set 43cm with dress, trousers, hat and shoes.

Item-No.: 701966
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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