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Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia 43cm

Mia is dreaming of sheep who are playfully dancing through roses. One such ballet sheep is dancing across her shirt. Its little skirt and white top are just too cute in dreamy tulle. She’s wearing matching rose leggings and cute pink shoes with dark pink stars and hearts. Mia’s hat is decorated with crown spikes so that she can crawl through her dream castle while she’s sleeping. Before going to bed, she gets milk from her bottle. And as soon as her heart dummy is in her mouth, Mia enters the land of dreams. After sleeping, cuddling and playing are the favourite activities of the cute doll with the soft body. Sweet dreams!

• Baby Annabell branded doll with cuddly soft filled body
• For cuddling, playing and taking everywhere
• Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy

Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia 43cm with dress, leggings, hat and shoes. Including bottle and dummy.

Item-No.: 702079
Safety tested ohne Batterie

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