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Baby Annabell®
Learns to Swim

Baby Annabell® is a real water baby, so today she is off to her swimming lesson. Almost as soon as the little mermaid touches the water, she is off! At her swimming lesson, she is first held upright in the water feet first. She will then begin to splash and move her arms and legs. If she is laid on the surface of the water with mummy's hand on her back for support, she will float happily on the waves. The little starfish is having so much fun, she babbles happily all the time. Baby Annabell® Learns to Swim wears a swimsuit and has water wings so that she can splash around even without mummy's help.

• Baby Annabell® branded doll with lifelike functions
• Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy
• Batteries required

Baby Annabell® Learns to Swim including 1 swimsuit and 2 water wings.

Item-No.: 700051
Safety tested

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