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Baby Annabell®
My Special Day Annabell

Baby Annabell® is celebrating a very special day. In fact, she is celebrating every day this year. 2018 sees her turn 20 years young. She has really glammed up for her party. The cute striped dress with cupcake decoration and sewn-on pink bolero jacket, the hat with a bow and the shoes with cupcake print are ideal for any celebration.
What else do we need for a party? That’s right: four cake plates and four cupcakes with cute figures for decoration. Of course she also has her bottle and dummy. After all, Baby Annabell® might want to get away and relax during the party.
The bottle and dummy also support Baby Annabell®’s lifelike functions: she can drink water from her bottle, use the potty, cry real doll tears and move her mouth when sucking on the bottle or dummy – and she closes her eyes when rocked to sleep. Baby Annabell® reacts to touch and makes baby sounds.

• Baby Annabell® branded doll with lifelike functions
• Reacts to touch and movement
• Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy
• Batteries required

Baby Annabell® My Special Day Annabell with bolero dress, hat and shoes. Includes 1 bottle, 1 dummy, 4 cake plates, 4 cupcakes and 12 decorative figures.

Item-No.: 700600
Safety tested

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