Baby Annabell Annabell 43cm

Annabell is almost like a real baby with cute baby noises, mouth movements, real doll tears and blue sleeping eyes.

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43 cm


3+ years


Item description

With her soft body and lifelike functions, Annabell accompanies the youngest of doll mummies and daddies through the day. After waking up in the morning, she likes to drink water from her bottle. She moves her mouth when sucking from the bottle and you can really hear her enjoying her breakfast. When she is finished drinking, she lets out a burp and is ready to play. Annabell laughs excitedly when you bounce her on your knee. She is also very ticklish and giggles happily when you tickle her belly. Sometimes a little fart escapes when she is tickled. “Oops! – Giggle!” Even the most cheerful doll child can sometimes be in a bad mood. Then Annabell sobs and cries real doll tears. But there are lots of ways to soothe her again. One of her favourites is her dummy, which she sucks noisily with visible movements of her mouth. When it’s time for bed, she can be rocked to sleep. This makes her yawn, close her sleeping eyes and fall asleep, breathing deeply.

• Baby Annabell branded doll with lifelike functions

• Reacts to touch and movement

• Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy

• Batteries required

Baby Annabell Annabell 43cm with romper and hat. Includes bib, bottle, dummy and necklace.

Inlays for Baby Annabell shoes
Baby Annabell’s feet shrank. How funny! If you find that her shoes no longer fit perfectly, just download an instruction how to simply craft your own doll inlays.

Doll functions

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Baby Annabell 43cm Doll
Instruction Manual

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