Parents-child role play

The educational play principle from Baby Annabell

Zapf Creation AG is continuing to develop the concept, which has been successful in  65 countries, literally bringing a unique play world to life. Over 12 million dolls sold; a success story back over 20 years: Children’s hearts and bed-rooms have been unimaginable without the Baby Annabell branded play concept for generations.

The doll's lifelike functions allow particularly realistic parents-child role play: Baby Annabell can cry, drink, burp, suckle on her dummy, sleep, giggle or babble. Varied play with BABY Annabell encourages imagination and is proven to help develop excellent social skills and values, such as responsibility, communication and empathy.

More lifelike and versatile than ever before: Baby Annabell

With Baby Annabell, Zapf Creation AG is carefully bringing the tried-and-tested concept into the future. In this unique play world, the doll 'communicates' with the associated accessories, triggering a range of effects including sounds, movements and light effects. This allows the child, doll and accessories to interact naturally, acting reciprocally and dynamically.

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