5 Polaroids show the day with Baby Annabell. Getting up with Baby Annabell Little 36cm in the sleeping bag. Baby Annabell in a romper in the comfort seat in the park. Baby Annabell sitting at the Lunch Time Table at Lunch Time. Naptime with Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies. And Baby Annabell out and about in the biker seat with biker helmet in a biker outfit.

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A day with Baby Annabell

8:00 o'clock: Getting up

Good morning, little Baby Annabell! Did you sleep well?

In the morning Little Annabell can cuddle up in the little sleep set, discover the world and plan the day. Then she gets dressed in one of the Little Baby Outfits and off she goes with her friend Little Sophia.

Baby Annabell Little 36cm is laying on a cuddly white blanket in the Little Sleeping Bag.

9:00 o'clock: Let's start with breakfast

A bottle in the morning is a perfect start into the day.

Little Annabell eagerly sucks on her bottle. Is she so thirsty or just impatient to put on a comfortable romper and to start playing immediately?

A little girl is sitting on a large yellow cushion and gives Little Annabell 36cm her bottle.

10:30 o'clock: Walk in the park

Observing dragonflys and counting frogs.

Annabell makes herself comfortable at the lake in the comfort seat and admires the water lilies. They look like the flowers on her dress. Alexander always claps enthusiastically, when a frog hops into the pond with a loud “splash”.

Baby Annbell is sitting in the comfort seat in a blue and green romper. The seat is standing in the grass at the bank of a lake.

12:00 o'clock: Yummy... lunch

Annabell is quite picky about her food.

Which porridge, which dessert and which drink will she like best today? The lunch time table with light and sound effects helps us to find out. “Uhg!” Oh well, no carrot porridge today…

Annabell in 43cm is sitting at the Lunch Time Table. She wears a bib.

13:00 o'clock: Time to take a nap

Annabell, you are already closing your eyes. It’s time for a nap.

The cuddly Sleep Well helps babies to fall asleep easily. You can record a lullaby or a good night story with your own voice. Record for approximately 5 minutes on the sound module inside the doll and play it up to 6 times in an endless loop for 30 minutes.

The cuddly Baby Annabell Sleep Well for babies with pink fabric body in 30cm is laying on the side on a blue blanket in a basket.

15:00 o'clock: It’s Playtime!

Playing is so much fun! Baby Annabell loves to play with her sibblings.

The favourite game at Baby Annabell’s is dummy distance spitting at the moment. Cheeky, the little rascal, is really good at it. Maybe it’s going to rain today? Then Annabell and Alexander ca do a puddle jumping competition in their Rain Sets.

My First Cheeky Annabell is sitting on a pillow in the playroom. Her orange dummy lies next to her.

16:00 o'clock: Go play outside!

The child needs some fresh air.

We are going on a bike tour with Baby Annabell. In the cool outfit with sunglasses, she can watch everything from the biker seat. Very important: don’t forget to put on the biker helmet. Maybe we’ll meet Sophia at the lake. She always watches the dragonflies there.

Baby Annabell is sitting in the biker seat with her biker outfit with sunglasses on and wears a biker helmet.

19:00 o'clock: Good night

Sweet dreams, little Mia.

Mia sometimes tries to drag out going to bed. She always wants to listen to a lullaby, to watch the stars in her canopy and to cuddle with Sweetie. But as soon as you lay her down, she closes her eyes.

Mia is laying on a blue knitted cushion with her eyes closed and a dummy in the mouth.
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